Ashgate Partner Pages

Ashgate, Gower and Lund Humphries work with a variety of partner organizations to publish, co-publish and market a number of our book projects. Our partner pages provide links to the organizations with whom we work; to guide visitors to some of the professional, research and informal networks that exist.

Ashgate partners include associations, institutes, research centres and societies across humanities and social sciences.


AAR logo   American Academy of Religion (AAR)

Founded in 1909, the American Academy of Religion is the world's largest association of scholars of religion. As a learned society and professional association with more than 10,000 members in some 1,000 colleges, universities, seminaries, and schools in North America and abroad, the Academy is dedicated to furthering knowledge of religion and religious institutions in all their forms and manifestations. The American Academy of Religion's mission is to promote ongoing reflection through excellence in scholarship and teaching in the field of religion.


American Cusanus Society
Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) was one of the most illustrious figures of the fifteenth century. Trained as a canonist, he first made his mark in political thought. Later, Nicholas became a papal envoy, a cardinal and an original speculative thinker. His ideas of learned ignorance, coincidence of opposites and enfolding / unfolding still attract attention today. The American Cusanus Society, founded in 1983, promotes the study of Nicholas and his times. It holds sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University in May of each year, and it has held conferences at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and at the Catholic University of America.

American Musicological Society AMS   American Musicological Society (AMS)
The American Musicological Society was founded in 1934 as a non-profit organization to advance research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship. At present, 3,300 individual members and 1,200 institutional subscribers participate in the activities of the Society. Its programs include a journal (three issues per year), annual meeting for the presentation of musical research, grants, subventions, fellowships, and awards. The full array of its programs is presented on its website.
American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies logo  


American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies is an interdisciplinary group dedicated to the advancement of scholarship in all aspects of the period ... from the later seventeenth through the early nineteenth century. Established in 1969, the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies advances study and research in the history of a time that has profoundly influenced our world. ASECS is a pioneer in interdisciplinary investigation, and it therefore welcomes as members those working in all areas of scholarly inquiry pertinent to eighteenth-century studies.

Amsterdam Aviation Association logo   Amsterdam Aviation Association (AAA)
The Amsterdam Aviation Association (AAA) is linked to Aviation Studies Programme at the Hoge School van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. We provide activities to help our members with their studies and make their learning more interesting and enjoyable. The AAA is now three years old and  has approximately 170 members.  With such a high level of membership our current aim is to create a solid base through relations with professional aviation-linked sponsors and companies.
UK and Ireland Art Libraries Society logo  

ARLIS/UK & Ireland
ARLIS/UK & Ireland: the Art Libraries Society is the professional organisation for people involved in providing library and information services and documenting resources in the visual arts. Founded in 1969, the Society is an educational charity with over 700 members worldwide, including librarians, archivists, libraries, publishers and specialist library suppliers.

Association of Law, Property and Society Logo   Association for Law, Property and Society

The Association for Law, Property and Society is a membership organization for scholars doing interdisciplinary legal scholarship on all aspects of property law and policy including; real, personal, intellectual, intangible, cultural, personal, and other forms of property. 

Association of Art Historians logo   Association of Art Historians (AAH)
The Association was formed in 1974 to support and promote the study of art history. They are the UK national organisation for the discipline and serve a key role in shaping and securing the future study of art history and visual culture. Annual AAH Membership is open to anyone with a personal or professional interest in art history or visual culture and is available to individuals and institutions. The Association organises a range of events including the AAH Annual Conference and Bookfair which takes place at a different UK institution each year.


Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries
The ABTAPL is the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries, an association to help people working in libraries containing theological, philosophical and related materials by sharing information and experience. The ABTAPL provides for its members an informal network for consultation, advice and support in both individual and continuing professional problems. Any person can join, it is not essential to be working in a library or to have trained as an information professional.

Association of Historians of 19thCentury Art logo  


Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art (AHNCA)
Founded in 1993, the Association of Historians of Nineteenth-Century Art currently has more than three hundred members. AHNCA's goal is to foster dialogue and communication among those who have a special interest in the field of nineteenth-century art and culture. Nineteenth-century art is broadly defined as all art that was produced between the American Revolution and the First World War, regardless of geographic boundaries. HNCA is an affiliated society of the College Art Association and as such organizes a regularly scheduled session at each CAA annual conference.



Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE)
The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) was founded in 1992 and has grown into a dynamic community of teachers, writers, students, artists and environmentalists interested in the natural world and its meanings and representations in language and culture. ASLE seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to the study of nature and culture through forms such as nature writing, art, ecocritical scholarship, pedagogy, science writing, poetry, music creative writing, and film, among other forms.  We publish a quarterly journal, ISLE, organize a biennial conference, and currently have about 1300 members.


Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group (AMEMG)
Formed in 2011, the Atlantic Medieval and Early Modern Group has for its purpose the promotion and development of Medieval and Early Modern studies in the Atlantic region of Canada on a multi-disciplinary basis and that of promoting the scholarly activities of its members and their students.

AVISTA logo  


AVISTA is a scholarly organization organized in 1984 through the urging of the late Jean Gimpel (author of The Medieval Machine, The Cathedral Builders, and other works on medieval art and technology) and with the support of Lynn White, Jr. (author of Medieval Technology and Social Change). The purpose of the organization is to study and make known works in art, architecture, and technology of the Middle Ages in honor of the medieval craftsman who worked in these fields.


British Association for Victorian Studies logo  

British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS)
Founded in 2000, the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS) is a multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge about the Victorian period. It has over 600 members based in the UK and beyond, and drawn both from the academic community and the general public. Members have a wide range of interests in the nineteenth century, including art history, cultural studies, history, literary studies, performance studies and the history of science.

British Forum for Ethnomusicology BFE  


British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE)
The British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) is an association formerly known as the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM, UK Chapter). As an Affiliate National Committee to the ICTM, their aim is to advance the study, practice, documentation, preservation and dissemination of traditional music and dance, including folk, popular, classical, urban, and other genres, of all countries.

BISA logo   British International Studies Association (BISA)
The British International Studies Association is an independent academic organisation which promotes the study of International Relations and related subjects through teaching, research and the facilitation of contact between scholars. It is the professional organisation for academic and practitioners of International Relations in the United Kingdom and beyond.  Founded in 1975 the association now has just under 1000 members, while most members are based in the UK there are also members throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
BIAPT logo  


The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (BIAPT)
The British and Irish Association for Practical Theology is an active forum for practitioners, teachers and researchers in the broad field of practical and pastoral theology. It was founded in 1994, and has grown through its broad based networks and successful annual conferences to an active membership of over two hundred in Britain and Ireland and further afield.

British Music Society BMS   British Music Society
The British Music Society aims to encourage and renew international enthusiasm for British music of the last 150 years.
British Society for the History of Science logo  


The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS)
The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) is the main organisation in the British Isles working to bring together people with an interest in the histories of science, technology and medicine and their changing relationship with society.

British Society for Literature and Science logo  

The British Society for Literature and Science
The British Society for Literature and Science promotes interdisciplinary research into the relationships of science and literature in all periods. Each year the BSLS book prize is awarded to the best title in the field of literature and science published during the year; details of previous winners and shortlisted titles can be found on the society website. The BSLS also holds an annual conference, publishes reviews of significant titles in the field and sponsors cooperation with other scholarly societies.


British Society for the Philosophy of Religion logo  


The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion
The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion was founded in 1993 and is the UK's main forum for the interchange of ideas in the philosophy of religion. The BSPR is affliated with the European Society for Philosophy of Religion and together they hold alternating biennial conferences to aid the networking of philosophers of religion in Europe and to further research in the area.


British Sociological Association logo  


The British Sociological Association
The British Sociological Association is the national subject association for sociologists in the UK and its primary objective is to promote sociology. Members of the Association are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and include researchers, teachers, students and practitioners in a variety of fields.


Centre for Youth Ministry logo  
The Centre for Youth Ministry
The Centre for Youth Ministry is a consortium of training and youth work agencies committed to creating and providing courses, resources and research into Christian youth work.This partner page is designed to provide their students with access to appropriate titles related to management, learning, religion and theology.
CIEHF logo  

Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors
The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF) is a professional international organisation, based in the UK, whose main aim is to promote public awareness of ergonomics and its applications. It provides educational material for students and teachers, and runs Regional Groups and Special Interest Groups that promote ergonomics/human factors in localities and for specific applications, for example ageing and work, green ergonomics, and health systems. The Institute maintains and develops academic and professional standards and recognises excellence in the practice of ergonomics and human factors by giving awards each year.


The College Music Society
The College Music Society promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. A consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the Society provides leadership and serves as an agent of change by addressing concerns facing music in higher education.

Cranfield University Logo  

Cranfield University (Department of Air Transport)
The Department of Air Transport at Cranfield University, UK is world-renowned for its teaching, research and consultancy in a wide range of topics relation to the business of air transport. These include air transport management, airport planning and management, safety management, accident investigation, airworthiness and human factors. Students completing MSc and PhD programmes through Cranfield go on to define the direction of the industry at every level to CEO.

EMA logo  


Early Music America (EMA)
Early Music America (EMA) is a not-for-profit service organization for the field of historical performance in North America. Founded in 1985, EMA's goal is to expand awareness of, and interest in, the music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods.

European Association for Aviation Psychology   European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP)
Since 1956 the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) provides a forum for professionals working in the various domains of aviation psychology and human factors. With more than 300 members from 36 European and non-European countries we facilitate - from a European perspective - a professional network to encourage the successful management of human performance in aviation. EAAP’s main activities focus on organizing the biannual conference, supporting Aviation Psychologists and Human Factors training courses and publishing the regular Journal Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors.
esc logo   European Society of Criminology
The European Society of Criminology was founded in 2000 to foster criminological scholarship, research, education and training, and encourage scholarly, scientific and practical exchange and cooperation among criminologists in Europe and elsewhere. Its objective is further to serve as a forum for the dissemination of criminological knowledge at the European level.
European Society of International Law logo  


European Society of International Law (ESIL)
The European Society of International Law (ESIL) is a nonprofit membership organisation. The goals of ESIL are to contribute to the rule of law in international relations and to promote the study of public international law by organising and supporting in-depth exchanges of ideas on matters of common interest to international lawyers in Europe and elsewhere, by encouraging high-level scholarship and analysis, by providing a forum for European-wide discussions, by fostering the involvement and representation of younger scholars, and in general by promoting a greater awareness and understanding of international law. ESIL was set up in 2004 and the Secretariat of the society is based at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

EPS logo   Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS)
Founded in 1974, the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS) is an organization of professional scholars devoted to pursuing philosophical excellence in both the church and the academy. Interested laypersons can join as full, associate, or student members.


Feminism and Legal Theory Project
The Feminism and Legal Theory Project at Emory University Law School provides a forum for interdisciplinary feminist scholarship addressing important issues in law and society.  The Project fosters interdisciplinary examinations of specific law and policy topics of particular interest to women and addresses the intersection of gender with issues relating to race, class, ability and sexuality.

German Aviation Research Society logo  

German Aviation Research Society (GARS)
The German Aviation Research Society (GARS) is a platform for researchers and practitioners in commercial aviation. It is a discussion forum for everyone involved in the area, promoting dialogue between theory, practice and politics and supporting academic research in the field. Ashgate has published several books in association with GARS as part of an ongoing partnership.


Logo of the Hagiography Society  

Hagiography Society
Founded in North America in 1990, the Hagiography Society promotes communication among scholars in various disciplines whose research involves the study of textual and visual media pertaining to holy men and women. The group aims to disseminate information about new research on holy people and their cults in all eras, cultures, and religious traditions.



Hakluyt Society
Founded in 1846, The Hakluyt Society is named after Richard Hakluyt (1552-1616), the celebrated collector and editor of narratives of voyages and travels and other documents relating to English interests overseas. The Society seeks to advance knowledge and education by the publication of scholarly editions of primary records of voyages, travels and other geographical material.



Historians of British Art
The HBA was founded in Chicago in 1992. It is an affiliated society of the College Art Association (North America). The purpose of HBA is to foster communication and to promote the study and sharing of ideas among those engaged in any type of scholarship or other professional endeavor related to British art and architecture of every area and/or period. The membership of HBA is international in scope. HBA has affiliated sessions at the annual CAA conference, in addition to a separate business meeting. HBA also sponsors visits to area collections during the CAA meeting whenever possible.

Historians of Islamic Art Association logo  

Historians of Islamic Art Association
The Historians of Islamic Art Association (HIAA) is a private, non-profit, non-political organization whose purpose is to promote the study and teaching of the art, architecture and archaeology of Islamic cultures and to facilitate communication and cooperation among those engaged in scholarly and other professional activities related to these fields.



Historians of Netherlandish Art
Historians of Netherlandish Art is an international organization founded in 1983 to foster communication and collaboration among historians of Northern European art from medieval to modern times. Its membership comprises scholars, teachers, museum professionals, art dealers, publishers, book dealers, and collectors throughout the world. The art and architecture of the Netherlands (Dutch and Flemish), and of Germany and France, as it relates to the Netherlands, from about 1350 to 1750, forms the core of members' interests. Current membership includes around 700 individuals and 30 institutions and businesses.

HFES logo   Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES)
HFES is the world's largest individual-member, multidisciplinary scientific association for human factors/ergonomics professionals. HFES members include engineers, psychologists, designers, scientists, and other professionals, all of whom have a common interest in designing products, systems, environments, and tools to be safe and effective for the people who use and support them.
HFES Europe Chapter logo   HFES Europe Chapter
The HFES Europe Chapter is an affiliate of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Inc., a non-profit corporation chartered by the State of California. Aim of the HFES Europe Chapter is to increase co-operation between Human Factors institutes and professionals, with a focus on Europe. Central activity in this regard is the organisation of the Annual Conference.
IGU Commission logo   IGU Commission on 'The Dynamics of Economic Spaces'
The IGU Commission on 'The Dynamics of Economic Spaces' plays a leading international role in the development, promulgation and dissemination of new ideas in economic geography. It has as its goal the development of a strong analytical perspective on the processes, problems and policies associated with the dynamics of local and regional economies as they are incorporated into the globalizing world economy.


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS)
INCS is an international group of scholars dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and research. The organization sponsors annual meetings and enjoys a collaborative relationship with Nineteenth-Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal. INCS encourages scholarly work that transcends disciplinary boundaries in its approach to cultural studies.


International Academic Association on Planning Law and Property Rights logo   International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights (PLPR)
Planning matters. Law matters. Property matters. These three simple messages inspire the International Academic Association on Planning, Law, and Property Rights (PLPR) to examine the difficult relationship between public and private interests in the use of land. PLPR is a free-standing standing academic association with its own statutes and individual members from all continents. It was founded in 2007 out of a AESOP-group (Association of European Schools of Planning).
International Association of Word and Image Studies logo  


International Association of Word and Image Studies / Association Internationale pour l'Étude des Rapports entre Texte et Image (IAWIS/AIERTI)
Founded in July 1987, the International Association of Word and Image Studies / Association Internationale pour l'Étude des Rapports entre Texte et Image (IAWIS/AIERTI) seeks to foster the study of word and image relations in a general cultural context and especially in the arts in the broadest sense.


International Center of Medieval Art logo   International Center of Medieval Art

The International Center of Medieval Art promotes and encourages the study, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts of the Middle Ages produced in Europe, the Mediterranean region, and the Slavic world, during the period between ca. 300 and ca. 1500 C.E.

International Consortium for Law and Religious Studies logo  


International Consortium for Law and Religious Studies (ICLARS)
ICLARS is an international network of scholars and experts of law and religion. It started in 2007, with the aim to provide a place where information, data, and opinions could easily be exchanged among members and made available to the broader scientific community. To this end, ICLARS regularly organizes conferences and publishes a newsletter. From its very beginning, ICLARS has been open to all persons interested in law and religion relations, without any political or religious preclusion. Therefore we invite everybody to become member of ICLARS and to send us suggestions and proposals concerning law and religion studies and research projects.


ICTM logo  

International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM)
The International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) is a Non-Governmental Organisation in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. Its aims are to further the study, practice, documentation, preservation and dissemination of traditional music and dance of all countries.

International Society for Music Education ISME

  International Society for Music Education (ISME)
ISME is a worldwide organisation that seeks to celebrate the diverse ways that people engage with, and develop in and through, music. Founded in 1953, ISME represents an international, interdisciplinary, intercultural network of professionals who strive to understand and promote music learning across the lifespan. ISME shares a commitment to culture, education, conservation and the durable development of our cultural heritage, and to evidence-based policy and practice.
Italian Art Society logo  


Italian Art Society
Founded in 1987, the Italian Art Society is dedicated to the study of Italian art and architecture from prehistory to the present day. With a membership of more than 250 established and emerging scholars, graduate students, and aficionados, the IAS is a vital force in generating new knowledge about the visual arts on the Italian peninsula and neighbouring islands.



Journal of Art Historiography
The aim of the Journal of Art Historiography is to support and promote the study of the history and practice of art historical writing focusing on its institutional and conceptual foundations, from the past to the present day in all areas and all periods.


  Juris Diversitas
Juris Diversitas was founded in 2007. It is an international, interdisciplinary community for the study of legal and normative mixtures and movements. Originally comparatists, the group has opened up a conversation with anthropologists, geographers, historians, philosophers, and sociologists, both within the law and beyond.
The Marlowe Society of America logo  

The Marlowe Society of America
The Marlowe Society of America is a non-profit organization of scholars formed over twenty years ago to promote research and scholarship on Marlowe’s life, works, and times, as well as his relationships with his fellow playwrights and his crucial role in early modern stage history.

Modernist Studies Association logo  


Modernist Studies Association
The Modernist Studies Association strives to provide a venue, interdisciplinary and international, in which scholars of Modernism may contribute to ongoing reshapings of the field.

Music Library Association logo  

Music Library Association (MLA)
The Music Library Association is the professional association for music libraries and librarianship in the United States, and is now the US Branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres (IAML). Founded in 1931, it has an international membership of librarians, musicians, scholars, educators, and members of the book and music trades. Complementing the Association’s national and international activities are eleven regional chapters that carry out its programs on the local level. MLA publishes the journal Notes, the world’s leading journal in its field.

Music Mark logo   Music Mark
Music Mark was formed in February 2013 as a merger of the Federation of Music Services and the National Association of Music Educators. In addition to representing its members’ interests in a wide range of political, educational and musical contexts, Music Mark is the principal music subject association and advises governmental and non-governmental departments on all matters relating to music education.
Nineteenth Century Studies Association logo   Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA)
The Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA), formerly known as the Southeastern Nineteenth Century Studies Association, is an interdisciplinary association for the study of nineteenth-century world cultures. Founded in 1979 as a forum to encourage interdisciplinary exchange, the membership has grown to include scholars whose disciplinary focus ranges from art, architecture, and literature to religious, scientific, and legal writing, to social, political, and economic debate.
North American Victorian Studies Association logo  

North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA)
The North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) was established in 2002 to provide a continental forum for the discussion of the Victorian period, to encourage a wide variety of theoretical and disciplinary approaches to the field, and to support the interests of scholars in the field.

  Political Studies Association (PSA)
Established in 1950, The Political Studies Association is the leading organisation in the UK is open to everyone interested in the study of politics. It spans academics in political science and current affairs, theorists and practitioners, policy-makers, journalists, researchers, politics teachers and students in higher education. With more than 1700 members the PSA is the second largest such national association in the world.
RSA logo   Renaissance Society of America (RSA)
Since 1954, the Renaissance Society of America has been a leading organization for the interdisciplinary study of the period 1300-1650. The RSA brings together scholars from many backgrounds in wide variety of disciplines, including history, literature, art history, and many others. It produces the journal Renaissance Quarterly and organizes an annual conference for members.


The Research Society for American Periodicals
The Research Society for American Periodicals is an interdisciplinary organization of scholars interested in American magazines and newspapers. Founded in 1991, the organization was established to offer scholars in American literature and culture, and all interested persons, an opportunity to share in the study and appreciation of American periodicals. Through its annual meetings, scholarly panels, special symposia, miscellaneous publications, and website, RSAP provides a medium of communication among interested scholars and expands the possibilities of scholarly and critical study of an important part of American literary and cultural history.

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals logo  


The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals
The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, familiarly known as RSVP, is an interdisciplinary and international association of scholars dedicated to the exploration of the richly diverse world of the 19th-century press, both its magazines and its newspapers. Members of RSVP are involved in the study of British literature, and the history and culture of Britain and its empire, as well as in the emerging fields of book history and media history.


Resilience Engineering Association logo  

Resilience Engineering Association
Resilience Engineering Association is a community of people seeking to develop and apply Resilience Engineering concepts. Resilience Engineering is a new way of thinking about safety. Conventional risk management is based on hindsight and emphasizes error tabulation.  Resilience Engineering looks for ways to enhance the ability of organizations to create processes that are robust yet flexible, to monitor and revise risk models, and to use resources proactively in the face of disruptions or business pressures.

    Royal Musical Association
The Royal Musical Association aims to sustain and enhance British musical culture, while fostering international links and recognizing outstanding scholarly achievement by individuals worldwide, and to support the education and training of young scholars. The Association’s chief activities in pursuit of these aims are the publication of books and journals; the promotion of conferences and symposia; the sponsorship of awards and prizes; the advocacy of musical studies with public and private policy-making bodies, and with repositories of musical resources; and engagement with the student body in the United Kingdom.
Shakespeare Association of America logo
  Shakespeare Association of America (SAA)
The Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) is a non-profit, academic organization devoted to the study of William Shakespeare and his plays and poems, the cultural and theatrical milieu in which he lived and worked, and the various roles he has played in both Anglo-American and world culture ever since. The Association holds annual meetings in different North American cities so that its members can exchange ideas and discuss strategies for reading, teaching, researching, and writing about Shakespeare's works and their many contexts. Sessions at these conferences include formal papers, seminars, workshops, film screenings, and theatrical performances.
Sixteenth Century Society and Conference logo  


Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC)
The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) promotes scholarship on the early modern era, broadly defined (ca. 1450–ca. 1660). Providing opportunities for intellectual exchange among scholars of the period, the Society also actively encourages the integration of younger colleagues into the academic community. The geographical scope of the organization is as international as its membership. The SCSC welcomes scholars from all disciplines in early modern studies, including history, art history, religion, history of science, musicology, and literary and cultural studies in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Society holds one annual meeting in a different city each year, usually during the month of October, with an average of more than 700 participants.

The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain logo  

The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
he Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006, warmly welcomes membership applications from individuals from all walks of life who are interested in the history of architecture of all places and in all periods of time. Our newsletters, symposia, field-based conferences and study days and overseas study trips provide opportunities for the exchange and discussion of ideas about this subject, while our journal, Architectural History, is one of the world's leading English-language publications of original research and significant source material related to historical architecture.

Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research Sempre   Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE)
The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research embraces research in both music education and music psychology, providing an international forum to encourage the exchange of ideas and to disseminate research findings.  The Society is particularly keen to encourage the participation of those at the start of their research career and to maintain a broad membership that reflects the considerable range of interests that are represented within music education and the psychology of music.


The Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM)
The Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) was founded in 1955 to promote the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. SEM’s international membership of over 1800 individuals studies music-making throughout the world from diverse humanistic and social scientific perspectives. Members include scholars, teachers, students, performers, media professionals, museum specialists, archivists, librarians, and administrators from such disciplines as musicology, anthropology, folklore, cultural studies, ethnic and area studies, acoustics, and music education. More than 800 institutions are also members of the Society.

Society for the History of Authorship logo  


Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)
The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing was founded to create a global network for book historians working in a broad range of scholarly disciplines. Research addresses the composition, mediation, reception, survival, and transformation of written communication in material forms including marks on stone, script on parchment, printed books and periodicals, and new media. Perspectives range from the individual reader to the transnational communications network. With more than 1000 members in over twenty countries, SHARP works in concert with affiliated academic organizations around the world to support the study of book history and print culture.


Society for Music Theory logo   Society for Music Theory
The Society for Music Theory (SMT) promotes music theory as both a scholarly and a pedagogical discipline. Today our Society has a membership of over 1200 music theorists worldwide, whose interests embrace a varied and growing range of subject matter.
Society for Old Testament Studies logo   Society for Old Testament Study
The Society for Old Testament Study, founded in 1917, is an international academic learned society embracing the Old Testament, and its cognate areas such as Hebrew and other Semitic languages, the literature, religion, history, archaeology and sociology of ancient Israel, and the study of the Old Testament in the light of modern literary theory.
SSSR logo   Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
The Society for the Scientific Study of Religion stimulates, promotes, and communicates social scientific research about religious institutions and experiences. Founded in 1949, SSSR fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among scholars from sociology, religious studies, psychology, political science, economics, international studies, gender studies, and many other fields. Its flagship publication, the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, is the most cited resource in the field.
Society for the Study of Early Modern Women logo  


Society for the Study of Early Modern Women
The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women is a network of scholars who study women and their contributions to the cultural, political, economic, or social spheres of the early modern period and whose interest in it includes attention to gender and representations of women.


 SRS logo  

Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS)
The SRS is a national and international forum for the study of the Renaissance. It provides wide-ranging support for interdisciplinary research and teaching across a range of subjects, including art, history, architecture, philosophy, science, religion, music and literature.

Socio-Legal Studies Association logo  

Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA)
The SLSA is where law meets the social sciences and humanities. It was founded in 1990 to advance education and learning and in particular to advance research, teaching and the dissemination of knowledge in the field of socio-legal studies. The SLSA achieves these aims in a number of different ways including meetings, conferences, seminars; research grants; prizes; publications; liaison with policy makers and research funders; supporting students through reduced membership fees and bursaries.


St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute logo  


St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute
The St Andrews Reformation Studies Institute is located in the historic heart of Scotland's Renaissance and Reformation. The University (founded in 1411) is the oldest in Scotland, and it was also, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a stage on which humanists and reformers acted out their parts in some of the great crises of European intellectual history. The Institute also provides the editorial board for Ashgate's monograph series, St Andrews Studies in Reformation History.

UK Association for Buddhist Studies logo  


UK Association for Buddhist Studies (UKABS)
The object of the Association shall be the academic study of Buddhism through the national and international collaboration of all scholars whose research has a bearing on the subject. Scholars may be located in a range of departments: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Comparative Religion, Law, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Theology and Religious Studies, etc. The Association also oversees the publication of the Buddhist Studies Review and holds an annual conference.

IVR logo  

UK International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR)
The IVR was founded in Berlin in 1909 and has since then blossomed into a genuinely global association, with many active national sections. The purpose of the Association is the cultivation and promotion of legal and social philosophy. The Association is open to all relevant scholarly disciplines. The UK Branch of the International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR) organises an annual conference to coincide with its AGM.

University Association for Contemporary European Studies logo   The University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
The University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) provides an independent forum for informed debate and discussion of European affairs. The largest European Studies association since 1969, it is directly involved in promoting research and teaching in European Studies as well as bringing together academics with practitioners active in European affairs.
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Victorians Institute
The Victorians Institute is an organization of scholars and students centered in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the USA, but with members nationwide and abroad. It was founded in 1970. The Victorians Institute sponsors an annual conference and publishes the Victorians Institute Journal, an award-winning, refereed scholarly annual that publishes articles, reviews and newly edited texts of interest to Victorianists. VIJ maintains an annex at the NINES site at the University of Virginia.